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The Newark Police Department is proud to protect and serve our diverse community that we call home. Learn more about how to become a City of Newark police officer, our benefits, and the community that will support you throughout your journey.

From anywhere to



Officers in the Newark Police Department come from all different countries, backgrounds, and careers. From places like the Dominican Republic and the Ukraine, from backgrounds of entertainment and education- we all found our home at Newark PD. Our badge is the common denominator.

Jack Of

All Trades

At Newark Police Department, we are a family made up of multifaceted skills and talents. Newark provides an opportunity to advance your skills while allowing you to follow through with your assignments and investigations from start to finish. When you work at Newark PD, you get to experience a wide variety of policing. 

Specialized Units

  • Crime Analysis & Crime Prevention
  • Crisis Negotiations Team
  • Criminal Investigations Unit
  • Evidence Detection Unit
  • Family Services Unit
  • K9 Unit
  • School Resource Officers
  • Special Investigations Unit
  • Special Operations Unit
  • Street Crimes Unit
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Training Coordinator
  • Traffic Unit

Hiring Bonus


Eligible to new hires that do not qualify for the high bonus.



Eligible to new hires that are Delaware certified police officers (who have completed at least 4 years of sworn service at a Delaware police agency in compliance with 11 Del C. § 8409) OR are Delaware police academy exempt based on police certification in another state. 

Salary & Benefits


Starting salary for a Newark police officer is $70,000 while attending the police academy and through the end of the first year of service.

The salary rises to $72,747 after completion of two years of service. Salary range tops out at over $119,000 per year unless promoted to a higher rank.

Annual step raises, varying between 3 – 4 %, are given throughout your career, plus any additional raises negotiated by contract.

The starting salary for a lateral officer (already a certified police officer) will depend on the number of years of prior service as a sworn police officer. The current range for this starting salary is $70,000 — $95,000.


The Newark Police Department participates in the State of Delaware County and Municipal Police/Firefighter Pension plan.


This pension plan provides full pension benefits after 20 years of service at 50% of the average of the highest 36 months of salary. Employees earn an additional 3.5% service credit each year after 20 years of service.  Retirement is mandatory at age 55 or 34 years of service, whichever comes first.  Employees are also entitled to disability and death benefits.  Full details about the plan can be found here


The City also provides a Retirement Health Savings Plan to which both the City and the Employee contribute.  These funds can be used upon retirement to pay for health benefits.


Health – 100% paid for employee. For dependents, employee pays 17.5% of the cost.

Dental (including orthodontics) – 100% paid for employee. For dependents, employee pays 17.5% of the cost.

Vision – 100% paid for employee. For dependents, employee pays 17.5% of the cost.

Life Insurance Options 

Time Off & Leave:

13 paid holidays annually – An officer required to work on a holiday receives additional pay and time off.


  • 2 weeks of paid vacation after 1 year of service
  • 3 weeks of paid vacation after 5 years of service
  • 4 weeks of paid vacations after 10 years of service
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation after 15 years of service
  • 5½ weeks of paid vacation after 20 years of service


Employees accumulate 10 hours per month of sick time. In addition, an annual sick time bonus of 24 hours is provided to officers who utilize minimal sick time. After reaching 720 hours of accumulated sick time, the City buys back the excess sick time on a yearly basis. The City also provides leave for emergencies, bereavement, military and service on jury duty.

Additional Benefits:

In addition to providing a highly competitive wage and fringe benefit package, the City of Newark also provides the following:

  • Full salary during attendance at the police academy and provides all necessary academy equipment 
  • Paid attendance at additional police training beyond the academy 
  • Payment for tuition and books towards a Bachelor’s Degree
  • All required uniforms and equipment are provided.
  • Annual clothing and/or cleaning allowance
  • Take home vehicle
  • After achieving 3 years of service, an annual payment of $1,000 for possession of a Bachelor’s Degree and $1,250 for possession of an advanced degree

In the


At Newark Police Department, we have a special connection with our community. It all starts with building relationships – seeing the same people day in and day out and getting to know them by name. We are in the classroom, around the neighborhoods and supporting our businesses. We are invested in this community because we are a part of this community. 

Get to Know

Newark Delaware Police Department

When you join the Newark Police Department, you join one of the most progressive agencies in the country. With unlimited opportunities available to you including K-9, Bike Unit, SWAT, Community Resource Unit and more- now is the time to choose Newark PD.

"We are constantly getting more training, we are constantly getting more education, and more equipment, and more tools to do this job in a modernized policing atmosphere."

Above the Standard

As an internationally accredited police agency, we pride ourselves in continually exceeding safety and policy standards. When you join the Newark Police Department, you will receive the most training, the most education and the most resources available in the country.  

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